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Upcoming Services

Feb 1st, 10:30 am Service - Jon West will speak on Intention, Vision, & Commitment.


A Message fromYour Ministerial Team

Let’s Not Judge the Inner by the Outer

The theme for this SundayAs Within, So Without, is a common phrase among truthseekers.  While it reflects a deep truth, it is often used in a superficial way.  The world, to quote another phrase, tends to “judge a book by its cover.” That’s what happens when we assume that an outer condition which we view as negative is indicative of the inner nature of the person experiencing it.  This kind of judgment assumes we have “eyes to see” what’s really going on!

It has been my experience that attempting to judge a person by an outer appearance misses the mark most of the time. Operating at that level, we miss so many opportunities to experience the beauty, the good, the creative, and sometimes the deep fears and uncertainties, dwelling within another person that call out for loving support.  So it is important when using the phrase “as within, so without” that we seek a deeper understanding.

In the realm of Spirit, and in alignment with both Unity’s and Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, we have available to us a great yet subtle principle: the law of Mind Action.  Few of us can comprehend all the ways and reasons that consciousness is shaping another person’s life. For one thing, all outer form must eventually change. And to know another, we must first know ourselves.  As we study the book of our own life, we discover that the outer generally harmonizes and expands with our inner expansion of awareness – but not without a few mysterious hiccups along the way!  Continuing with this process, we can discover the essence of our being and the purpose for which we’ve been looking.  From this higher perspective, we have no reason to judge or blame ourselves or others. Instead, we have the privileged opportunity to support humanity’s unfolding.  For deeper even than the law of Mind Action is the Truth that there is One Life, One Love, connecting all.  This is what truly lies within and what we are here to bring forth into expression.



This Week, Jan 26th - Jan 31st

TUESDAY – Remembering Gathering for Judith Baranowski in the Sanctuary. Join us at 11 am as we honor and share our thoughts about Judith Baranowski, who recently passed away. All are welcome to join us for this time of remembering.



TUESDAYS, February 3-24 (6:30-8:30 pm) – What is Unity? Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Join Rev. Sherry Lady in the Fillmore Wing for this informative 4-week course. We will review the New Thought movement known as Unity’s interpretation of the basic tenants of traditional Christianity and consider how we may, as a Unity center, contribute to expanding spiritual growth personally, locally, and worldwide. Attendees who complete this course will be qualified for Unity membership. Sign up in the Fellowship Hall, or call 541-345-9913. This class is presented on a love-offering basis.

WEDNESDAY, February 4 (7:00 pm) - Taizé Service. This beautiful service starts again on a new day and at a new time. This is a service from the tradition of the Taizé spiritual community in France. The heart of the service is the music and chanting which unite all people in common prayer. The laying on of hands is symbolic of spiritual blessing flowing from one person to another, and is done for those who wish it during the service. Taizé services are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm



Sacred Service Opportunities

Kitchen Angels Needed - We have an opening for Kitchen Angels to serve coffee and cookies after one of the Sunday services once a month. Sign up in the Fellowship Hall.

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