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Upcoming Services and Special Events!

Sunday, July 3rd:

9:15-10:15 a.m. – the Sunday Morning Reading Group is studying Eckhart Tolle’s book A New EarthJoin this group in the Fillmore Wing for an illuminating, enlightening, and uplifting exploration.

10:30 a.m. Service – We start our July “Set Your Soul-Joy Free” series with Guest Speaker Dennis Chandler speaking about Freedom: Re-defined and Re-imagined.

- After the Service – First-Sunday Potluck at Unity. Join us after the service for our monthly congregational potluck. Bring your favorite potluck food, and invite your friends and family. Unity will provide coffee, tea, and cookies. We’ll also have cake to celebrate all the July birthdays!

Sunday, July 10th:

10:30 a.m. Service –Our July “Set Your Soul-Joy Free” series continues with Jon Westleading us on an exploration of what lies within us is far, far greater than we ever imagined in a talk entitled “The Courage of Self Discovery.”

- We will also be honoring our departing Choir Director Kalia Bethany. She is moving to Denver in July. In addition to honoring her in the service, we have set up a special tax-deductible fund for everyone wishing to give a parting financial gift to assist with her moving costs. If you write a check, just include in the memo section: Fund for Kalia We will also have a journal for everyone to sign in the foyer and give their best wishes to Kalia.  Be sure to join us!

A message from our ministerial team:


“If you two keep arguing over that box, I’m going to burn it,” my mother called out of a window, sounding more matter-of-fact than irritated. The delivery of a septic tank for my family’s turn-of-the-century farmhouse came with an unexpected windfall for my older sister and me: a giant cardboard box just perfect for a rugged fort…or a castle for a dainty princess. It all depended on who would win the battle to be interior decorator: the 6-year-old pioneer or the 8-year-old princess. Our mother’s warning barely registered. Burn a priceless treasure? Not possible! So my sister and I freely continued the fight. Five minutes later, we gaped in stunned silence as Mom marched outside, planted that great hollow cube on top of a metal garbage can, and set it on fire. 

This loss of one of my all-time favorite playthings illustrates an important distinction: The difference between 1) the freedom to do what we want, and 2) freedom from the impulse to do something we’ll regret.

Certainly, there was some exhilaration and self-satisfaction in those few brief moments of yelling at the top of my voice. But compare that to the joy of having that box to share for weeks or even months on end. “You did it to yourselves,” Mother said calmly as she walked away, leaving my sister and me to watch our summer home turn to ashes.  It’s a lesson I never forgot…even if I occasionally get burned by a childish impulse.

May we all grow in the joy of inner freedom!


P.S. For a more in-depth examination of the essence of freedom, don’t miss former Unity Board President Dennis Chandler’s message this Sunday!  Dennis is definitely someone who can look way above and beyond the box.  


This Week, June 27th to July 2nd

WEDNESDAY (12:00-12:30 p.m.) – Noon Prayer & Meditation. Join us in the Peace Chapel for a beautiful experience of opening your heart to feel the complete and continuous love of the Divine.  Rev. Inge is leading it this week!

THURSDAY (1:00-3:00 p.m.) – Joy of Watercolor. The emphasis of this class is on joy. Come and explore painting with watercolor in an encouraging and fun atmosphere. All skill levels welcome. For more information, contact Ellen Ticknor at 541-344-1490.

CANCELLED - FRIDAY (7:00-9:00 p.m.) – Shamanic Evening in the upstairs Fillmore Wing. Join Gary Wymore and Sunny Schneider as they gather together to celebrate Spirit through drumming and sound. Donation basis. - CANCELLED

SATURDAY - (6:00-9:00 p.m.) – Reiki Do Satori Open House. This monthly event is open to all who are interested in receiving a short, free Reiki session for relaxation and/or healing. Reiki practitioners who would like to be part of this event are also welcome. Donations accepted.

Next Week, July 4th to July 9th

THURSDAY - (7:00-9:00 p.m.) - Therapeutic Touch in the Fillmore Wing. Donation basis. For more information, please contact Bev Forster at 541-484-6571.


July 22-25 – Y.O.U. Rendezvous-Youth Retreat in Chewelah, Washington.  Rendezvous is a 3-night, 4-day communion with Spirit for teens 14-18 years old. Daily activities include large group workshops, small group discussions, singing, meditation, dancing, prayer, and vespers. For more information and a registration packet, contact Shawna at shawna@unityofthevalley.org

July, August, and September - After-Service Summer Salads. Instead of soup on Sundays in July, August, and September, we will be having summer salads. Three people are needed on eachSunday to bring a big salad.  If you can bring one on a Sundayplease sign up in the Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, July 31 (after the service) – Unity’s Annual Friendship Picnic at Tugman Park. Be sure to mark your calendars.  Bring yourself and invite your family and friends to join us at Tugman Park for a fun and relaxing time with the Unity Community.  Lots of good food, connection, and activities for the kids!

August 25- 28 - 5th Annual Unity Multigenerational Camp sponsored by Unity Worldwide Ministries, Northwest Region. This fun camp event is for all ages and stages to play, grow, and build friendships in the beautiful Gifford Pinchot National Forest outside Randle, Washington. Experiential education on the Cispus Challenge Course will help us put our spiritual awareness into action. For more information and for pricing, pick up a registration packet at the sign-up table in the Fellowship HallRegistration packet is due in Washington no later than August 4.

Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteers Needed in the Youth & Family Ministry (YFM). YFM is always looking for qualified, caring, fun helpers who enjoy working with children to fill in on a rotation basis —even if only for a few Sundays.  What special skills, talents, and joys can you share? We are looking for teachers and assistants for K-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade. Our summer program includes short lessons, songs, games, and summer play. If you are a bit more adventurous, you could help with our Unity Outdoor Adventures in July and August.  If you would like to volunteer to help with our YFM summer program or in the fall, please email Shawna Newcomb at shawnanewcomb@unityofthevalley.org  and include your availability, your background working with youth, and any special skills you have.

July Community Outreach Project

We will continue our community outreach in July with the Church of the Resurrection to provide Home-Starter Kits to families who are moving into permanent housing. During the month of July, we will be collecting donations of hand soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, hair brush, comb, disposable razors, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, tampons, and clothes hangers.  A collection bin will be available in the foyerFor more information, contact Bonnie Paquin at 541-345-8873 or Grace Low at 281-507-2707.


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