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Upcoming Services and Special Events!

Sunday, October 11th, 10:30 a.m. Service - We continue our 7- week series A HARVEST OF WISDOM: 7 Great Truths Shared by World Religions with an exploration of "The Power of Speaking Truth."

Sunday, October 18th, 10:30 a.m. Service - “Be Slow to Anger” will be guest speaker Nola Woodbury’s topic for week 3 of our 7-week series A HARVEST OF WISDOM: 7 Great Truths Shared by World Religions.

 (before & after service) - Annual Galilean Pumpkin Sale will be held inthe Fellowship Hall before and after the service. Proceeds will go toward providing Thanksgiving dinners for two families in transition at the First Place Family Center.


A message from our ministerial team:



The 11-year-old girl knocking at our door for a school fundraiser had grown up so much since Donna and I last saw her.  She stood straight and spoke with confidence, then knelt to give our little dog his expected scratch.  Sparky reciprocated her positive energy with a cheerful wag.  There was no question this girl was going to meet her fundraising goal.   

Each of us are broadcasting stations, are we not? Whatever’s going on within us–whether we’re calmly centered, a bundle of nervous energy, or feeling down and depleted–we send out constant signals through our words, actions, and body language. When someone asks how we’re doing, a sparkling smile, a distracted shrug, or a tepid half-smile probably says it all.  And what we send out comes back to us by subconsciously reinforcing what we believe about ourselves, and through the reaction we get from the world.

Throughout our day, it’s so simple and easy to ask ourselves: what channel am I playing now?  Am I playing the sweetest, purest frequency of awareness that I am one with all life, and all life is divine? Or do I need to adjust my dial, tune out the rough static, and tune in my higher Self?  It will be helpful to ponder this in preparation for gathering this Sunday around our theme, “The Power of Speaking Truth.”  What we choose to say is one of the most powerful ways we broadcast.

Seeing you ever-radiant with Spirit,


This Week

THURSDAY (12:00-1:00 p.m.) – Prayer Shawl Ministry gathering in the Fellowship Hall. Come and knit or crochet a prayer shawl that will bless people who are going through a difficult time. Lunch provided and no experience necessary!

Next Week October 12 - 17th

MONDAY (6:30-8:00 p.m.) – Choir Practice in the Sanctuary.  For more information on sharing your voice with the choir, contact Kalia Bethany at 541-484-9341.

TUESDAY (4:30-5:30 p.m.) – Introductory Yoga Series with Donna O’Neil. If it’s been awhile since you’ve done anything like yoga, or maybe never have, this is an ideal place to start. You’ll learn foundations like yogic breathing, moving with alignment, and relaxation techniques. $30 for the series. Contact Donna at 541-683-7664 or yogawithdonna@gmail.com.

THURSDAY - (7:00-9:00 p.m.) - Therapeutic Touch in the Fillmore Wing. Donation basis. For more information, please contact Bev Forster at 541-484-6571.

SATURDAY (10 a.m.-2 p.m.) – Shared Leadership Workshop. This workshop is for all of us who love Unity of the Valley! We encourage everyone to join the Shared Leadership Team for a time of exploring how far we have come toward our goal of becoming a loving and inclusive community. We want to hear how it’s working for you. Sign up in the Fellowship Hall.


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 (7:00 p.m.) – A Chorus in Miracles Screening. Join us in the sanctuary for a showing of a film by the “Moses Code” director James Twyman. The film is inspired by the Course in Miracles. Cost: $5.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 (10:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.) – HeartYearnings: Awakening What Lies Within, Following Your Heart’s Path Join Kalia Bethany for a day of learning, moving, and growing 7 Heart Intelligent practices to move yourself from where you are to where you want to be. Suggested donation for the day is $50 which includes lunch. For more information or to register, contact Kalia Bethany at 541-484-9341.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 (6:30-9:30 p.m.) – Unity of the Valley Halloween Party for all ages. Come and join the fun as we celebrate Halloween Hogwarts style. Games, treats, fun decorations, and more.  Childcare provided.  (PLEASE NOTE: we are looking for Halloween decorations, old jars, mirrors, brooms, pots, craft items, costumes, and lights.  If you have any old Halloween decorations collecting dust, contact Shawna at shawna@unityofthevalley.orgor 541-345-9913, ext. 13 to donate.

Volunteer Opportunities/Needs

Give thanks and blessings to all our wonderful volunteers!

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