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Unity Viewpoint

Much of this is inspired by Matthew Fox

1. Unity is not a religion, but a spiritual path of awakening to and experiencing our Authentic Eternal Self and the presence and power of the infinite Spirit in all life.

2. All our spiritual traditions can learn from each other and offer something fresh from their experiences and teachings….hence the name Unity. Deep ecumenism is part of the Unity way of life.

3. Whatever name we give the Source of Sources, the Creator of Creation, all are sincere attempts to name the nameless, to demystify the Great Divine Mystery. May the Mystery remain.

4. The Divine Reality which is Universal Intelligence, everpresent expansion, cosmic Love, Beauty, Order, and infinitely more, has feminine as well as masculine aspects…and so do we, made in her image.

5. All creation is sacred and we humans are part of it, integral to it, sacred in our own right, though very late on the scene. Ecological care and sustainability is clearly part of being here and insures that we are leaving a world that is better off for our children's children's children onto at least the 7th generation into the future.

6. The Buddha nature, the Christ light and the image of God reside in the very light(photons) present in every atom in the universe. Expressions such as compassionate service, centered prayer, meditation, yoga, physical exercise, and music are ways to turn on this omnipresent light. May these practices of turning on the inner light find their way into every heart.

7. Community already is because all things are interdependent. Nothing stands alone. Isolation, religious and cultural intolerance, and rugged individualism are lies that betray the very manner in which the universe operates. The truth is that interdependence exists at the microcosmic and macrocosmic and psychic levels of existence and consciousness. May more and more be called to remove the obstacles that interfere with our realizing this truth about community.

8. The Divine I Am can be spoken by every one of us and by every creature and that is our way of asserting our divine nobility and exuding a radiance greater than ourselves. Jesus, Krishna, and Buddha are the most recognized first fruits of the awakening in consciousness of the I Am.

9. Study of the Bible and other sacred texts provide invaluable insight into the nature of the human/divine relationship.

10. We are here to learn mindfulness- sometimes called present moment awarenessWe learn to utilize this essential spiritual tool through meditations of various kinds and through empowering affirmative prayer.

11. The consciousness that we bring to each moment strongly influences our experience. Let us grow together in understanding that consciousness matters and that we are constantly interweaving with the Infinite Spirit and creating our experience.

12. Our imaginations and visions are holy. The Infinite Spirit works through us when we create and participate in the ongoing, evolving creation of self, society, and a spirituality infused with a sense of all possibility.

13. Joy is available even daily…. It is our responsibility to search it out, prepare for it, and pass it on. Suffering , while it is everywhere, is real yet endurable.

14. Suffering comes as a teacher of wisdom and compassion and rather than fleeing it, let us sit at its feet and learn what it wants to teach us.

15. Our sexuality is sacred and the body is not an obstacle to Divine Presence. Love-making is as holy a meditation as fasting or serving. Make love not war.

16. Our dying is as adventurous as our living and what occurs at death and after death, whether we call it reincarnation or resurrection or regeneration, is mysterious but not final. No beauty dies, no grace is lost, no warmth is forgotten.

17. With no outer authority to lean on, it is up to us to follow the teachings of Jesus and other enlightened wayshowers—to bring down our walls of separation and division, of hatred and indulgent self destruction, to lift our mortal veil of fear and see that there is truly only One of us here. The Unity way of life stands for this saving awareness put into action- Let's each do our part to "live fully, love wastefully, and be all that we have come here to be"